Farewell... Summertime.

Summer has come and pretty much gone.. which is definitely bittersweet for us. Bitter because, Summer's pretty much over; sweet because, it's more or less a new year!

Van Damage @ Astral HarvestAs a little Farewell to the Summer months, and since it's been a while since we've released a mix (don't worry, a new one is coming..) we're posting our VibeSquad/Sublime Mashup for download! You may recall the track from our first Dubstep mix "Whatchu Know About Womp?!"

More mashups and mixes coming in the next few weeks. Keep watching here and the facebook fanpage for updates!


Mix added: Damaged Goods 

New mix added, check it out:

Click to download the new mix!

Enjoy. :)



Van Damage is... Damaged Goods (CD release) & Frequency 2010

Two huge events this in the upcoming weeks. Not ones to miss!


Sunday February 14th, Van Damage @ FREQUENCY 2010

Shaw Conference Center, Edmonton

Set time, main stage 8-9pm. 




Click for facebook event page

Friday February 26th

Level 2 Lounge, Edmonton


Alongside Formula Friday Residents

David Stone
Tianna J
DJ Neebz






Fall Shows & Shenanigans

Summer was a good tilt!  And as sad as we are to see it go, the Fall is showing no signs of slowing down.

 Party party party

Frost 09

"Return of the White Party" was stellar, and didn't disappoint.  It was amazing to see so many people decked out and having a blast.  Alberta (hell, Western Canada) doesn't have many theme-type parties like this (none of this size anyway), glad to see this one gaining traction. Our very own mini-Sensation..  sort of. :)



Renegade Bass

We had a chance to finally make it down to The Common for a breaks/dubstep set.  If you haven't been to The Common yourself, you should, it's awesome.  Great lounge, people, great vibes.  








Eddie Haliwell @ Twilight

Later tonight (Oct 30th) the one and only Eddie Haliwell will be at Twilight Afterhours.  If you haven't heard much from this DJ, you should head over to youtube and check some more videos.  It's the sickness.  Also.. we'll be warming up the decks from 2:30-4am..  so you should make sure to check that out too. :)


"Nightmare on Jasper"

(Level 2 Lounge)

For Halloween, we'll be getting our party on at none other than Level 2 Lounge.  For more information check out the Facebook event info here


Impulse 2009

Check the event info here!Calgary's first all night dance event in over 3 years..  not one to be missed. And this will, 100% absolutely sell out, so, you best get on figuring out if you're going. With a lineup featuring: Klass, DJ Dana, and DJ Dean, plus more.  We're looking forward to this one immensely, we always love our Calgary shows, and seriously, you guys have been without WOMP for far too long..  





And, as always, come check us out every Friday @ Twilight afterhours.  Hit up Twilight's Website for set times. 


Something Old, Something New

We're almost finished in basking in the awesomeness that was Metropolis from the Labour Day long weekend.

If you missed the party, you honestly missed one of the best shows Western Canada has seen in nearly a decade.  From the insane Hypercube sound, the amazing Shaw Conference Center venue, to BT dropping a bit o' Dubstep to open his set..     it was an off the hook night.  Hit up our facebook fanpage for more pictures and videos!The crowd through the haze

For those that caught our set, a huge thank you!   Seeing you all rock out and having a good time is why we do this.

That tickles!

In other news, we have a few new mixes for you to download!  (yay).


1) We had an opening set a few weeks ago at Twilight, which we recorded live. The result, a 90 minute mix of varous kinds of house music, mostly favoring the electro variety:

Click to download the Live @ Twilight Mix

2) We dove into the Van Damage archives and found a little jewel that is possible many of you haven't had a chance to listen to yet.  Our debut mix!   Re-branded as "Back to NuSkool"  just in time for all you crazy kiddies to hit the books!  An hour+ breaks offering. Made with 100% vinyl  (whatever that is)

Click to download Back To NuSkool












Enjoy the mixes, and stay tuned for more info on upcoming shows!