A New Mix and more!

Hey Everyone.

This has been quite the summer for us.

Twilight Arterhours has been off the hook, Wonderland was awesome, Freezer Burn was EPIC, plus the 2 amazing shows at Level 2 Lounge. And there is no sign of things slowing down either.

We have the Andy Whitby show on August 14th, Metropolis on September 5th and shows in the works with Rockstar Tuesdays and Level 2 Lounge.

We also have just released a new mix we recorded for all of the Shambhala lovers, it has a solid variety of Breaks and Dubstep.

So head to the MIXES section to get your copy for download (or click if you're lazy). And as always, come see us at any of our gigs and we will have some copies!

We all hope you are having an amazing summer and hope to see you out at one of our shows.

Thank You for the support. It means everything to us!



Whatchu Know About Womp??

Our debut dubstep mix has landed at last!:

Click to download the dubstep mix

An hour+ long low frequency assault with past/future dubstep classics, complete with trademark Van Damage styling/mashups.


Turn the subwoofer up for this one folks...  :)




The Month of June..


We have some big things happening this month. From our new Dubstep studio mix, to some massive events and wicked club nights. It's a wicked start to the summer thats for sure.

June 5th we are gonna be at Level 2 Lounge for a Friday edition of Steppa Sundays and the return of Max Ulis! Along with the Dub Affiliates, Tianna J, Dreadnought and Pete Flex. WOMP!

Then on Saturday June 13th, we are heading back to Level 2 Lounge to jam out with our good friends Mr Wedge, Big Daddy, Tweek and Travis Mateeson.


June 25th at EEC.. we are celebrating the return of Wonderland!
The same weekend we have the honour to play Freezer Burn 2009.. a party for the Alberta Reginal Burning Man crew.. This will be an epic weekend.



The Dubstep mix is almost finished so expect a download link to be showing up in the near future...and expect a Breaks mix shortly after...

Thanks again for the continued support and inspiration.







A little behind..

We're about a week behind on giving you an update, but hey, better late than never...

The Benassi/Beetroots show was UNREAL. For those that waited too long to get your ticket, we feel bad for you, and you should all be very ashamed of yourselves.

Van Damage/Beetroots. Fuck yeah.It was awesome to see 1800+ party people at the EEC for a club night. Great night, with great energy. Definitely one that won't be forgotten!

The crowd down in front for our set. They seem happy. :)

So, thanks again to everyone, a show is never truly great without a bumpin' crowd!

Also, as mentioned on CJSR 88.5 FM, a tasty sampling of some dubstep is available for download in our mixes section.

And last but not least, a big thanks to Shambhala legend DJ Czech for throwing down a HUGE breaks set at Edmonton's own Level 2 Lounge.  Incredible set!


The Official Van Damage Easter Egg Hunt!!

We're just kidding, there are no Van Damage Easter Eggs.  But we do have a weekend of sick beats lined up.

 Our usual Friday residency kicks off at Twilight Afterhours, for your weekly Van Damage fix.

 Saturday afternoon, make sure to turn on the radio (FM 88.5 - Edmonton) to catch a sampling of what you may find on our upcoming dubstep mix.  We will be in the studio with Cameron Sound @ CJSR Radio.  Click Here To Listen Live

 You can also click the link on the right to listen to the station.  Rumour has it we'll be on around 4:20 ish.  (seriously).  You should definitely tune in early though, Cam's show kicks ass.

And of course, we will be lighting the decks a flame at the Edmonton Event Center tomorrow night, opening for The Bloody Beetroots and Benny Benassi.  Normally this is where we'd try to persuade you to come out and lose your minds, but the show is SOLD OUT.

 Last but not least, we jumped on the Twitter bangwagon, so, if that's your thing hit us up (link is on the right)!